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Introduction of Graduates (Bachelor program)

Aki Zukeran

Country Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Degree I plan to acquire certification as a hospital nurse and public health nurse.
Hobbies Singing, basketball, soccer, distance running and other sports, meeting people, and traveling
Countries visited United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Sri Lanka
Other areas of interest Global health and community nursing

Personal History

Admission to the University of the Ryukyus Faculty of Medicine Health Sciences in 2013. I majored in nursing course. 
She graduated on March 2017, and started work at the hospital of University of the Ryukyus.


 We were allowed to enter in this laboratory from this year. Even though international health I think that there are many points that are common to medical and welfare problems of Japan and Okinawa. Listen to the story of teachers and seniors you have a wealth of knowledge and experience, the consciousness to think about things from a multilateral point of view, we believe that going to learn about international with an eye also to the regional issues .