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Chieko Shirai

Country  Kanagawa, Japan
Qualifications Nurse (Japan, Canada, Bahamas), Crinical Nursing Certificate in Ontario
Hobby Traveling, Watching movies, Singing worship music
Area of reserach interests Nursing, Critical nursing, Occupational nursing, Clinical research cordinator, Foreign residents' health in Japan 

Personal History 

I have worked as a staff nurse in medical wards, ICUs, home visit agency, and the health center of OIST. I entered this master degree program in Apr. 2020.


In the first year of my master's degree, I learned through attending classes and reading various journals that there are talented people working within Japan and abroad. When I work as a nurse, I focus mainly on the patients in front of me, but I have learned that it is also important to consider the regional, ethnic, and social background to which the patients belong. There are various health disparities not only in the world but also in Japan. I would like to improve my skills so that I can deliver useful information and help individuals to choose the option that they think is best for them. In order to do so, I need to study more. I welcome you to join our Global Health Department!

John Thumbiko Kaunda

Country Malawi
Qualification Medical Laboratory Technologist
Hobby Travelling, Listening to Music, Watching and Playing Basketball, Football and Volley Ball
Visited Countries Zambia, Tanzania and Japan
Interests Epidemiology and Disease Control, Research

Personal History

I have worked for Malawi ministry of health at Mzuzu Central Hospital as a Laboratory Technologist as the head of the department for Molecular laboratory for 12 years. In 2019, I started work at Partners in Hope as HIV/AIDS Testing and Linkage Services as a program coordinator. My main responsibilities were; Program planning, monitoring and evaluation of key program indicators and HIV testing services supply chain management, 
During my work, I have gained tremendous skills in project cycle management, leadership, supervision and mentorship.


Malawi and its neighbouring countries are still being menaced by infectious diseases, largely due to poor sanitation; refuse, sewage and drainage systems, poor food and personal hygiene and less vibrant health promotion activities. I believe that by studying at the University of the Ryukyus, I will not only gain knowledge and skills in global health management, but I will also be exposed to a world-class scientist in the field of research and healthcare.

Fumiko Shibuya

Country Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
Qualifications Nurse
Hobby traveling
Visited countries BurkinaFaso, Morocco, Marshall Islands,Thailand, Korea etc.
Interests School health, Sexuality education, Adolescent health, health policy 

Personal History

After graduating from the Nihon University Nursing School, I worked at the medical emergency center in the Nihon University Itabashi Hospital for 6 years.
I did school health activities as a JICA Volunteer in BurkinaFaso.
After that, I worked at the Gastrointestinal Surgery and the Gastroenterology ward in the Sado general hospital.
In April 2020, I entered the Deparment of Global Health in the University of the Ryukyu as a Master course student.


I had the issue of my activities and the interest of the Global health during my school health activities in BurkinaFaso.
I thought that I want to learn technical about the school health of the developing countries, so I entered this class.
I hope to get experience through practice in the field of the developing countries.