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Introduction of Graduates (Bachelor program)

Hitomi Nakamura

Country Kyoto, Japan
Degree Hospital nurse (future goal)
Hobbies Reading, diving, snorkeling, mountain climbing and backpacking
Countries visited United States, Australia, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam
Other areas of interest Global health and health policy

Personal History

After leaving midway through the course of study in the Department of Information and Computer Science at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Doshisha University, I entered the School of Health Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of the Ryukyus in 2013. I’m majoring in nursing with the aim of being a hospital nurse in the future. At present, she graduate on March 2017, and started to work in Redcross hospital in Oosaka P, Japan.


Hi, I entered the Department of Global Health as an undergraduate student this year. I’m studying with the objective of serving as a nurse overseas.