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Introduction of Graduates (Master program)

Midori Mbaitiga

Country Oita Prefecture, Japan
Degree Hospital nurse and midwife
Hobbies Manual work, farm work and walks
Countries visited Vietnam, Hong Kong, France, Monaco, Italy, United States, New Zealand, Ivory Coast and Niger
Other areas of interest Poverty, education

Personal History

After obtaining my midwife license at the School of Health Science Kyushu University, I worked at Oita University Hospital. After that, I served for three years as a nurse and midwife volunteer for JOCV in Ivory Coast and then another three years as a polio eradication group leader for JICA in Niger. After I married, I underwent three months of training on tropical medicine at the Institute of Tropical Medicine at Nagasaki University. After giving birth to my child, I anguished over my desire to study global health while being baffled by childrearing until I saw the department’s homepage, applied and here I am. 2017 Master of Health Sciences, 2017- PH Nurse at Nago city, Okinawa.


There are many things that I want to try to do in this world! As a result of my choices about what I wanted to do and what I could do, I have ended up here. Although there are many things that perplex me, I always want to be curious and not limit myself.