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Introduction of Graduates (Doctoral program)

Tomomi Takayama

Country Saga Prefecture, Japan
Degree Hospital nurse, public health nurse, midwife and Master’s Degree in Health Science
Hobbies Morning walks, snorkeling, bonfires, playing with children, coffee breaks and smiles
Countries visited Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Turkey, Jordan, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece, Britain, United States and China
Other areas of interest Maternal and child health, global health, education

Personal History

Mar 2020: PhD: Graduate School of Health Sciences, University of the Ryukyus
April 2020-: Instructor, Laboratory of Community Nursing, University of the Ryukyus

After graduating from the Institute of Nursing in the Faculty of Medicine at Saga Medical School, I obtained my midwife license at the Kyushu University’s School of Health Science and then served as a midwife at Kyushu University Hospital. I left this position when I married and became pregnant, but continued to be somewhat active helping out at a maternity clinic and with outpatient midwife care at a general hospital while spending each day taking care of the house and my children in Nagano. During that time, I gave birth to my first and second sons at a midwife clinic. Following my husband’s work transfer, I moved to Tokyo and Okinawa. It was in Okinawa that I gave birth to my third son at home. When my third son turned one, I entered the master’s program at the University of the Ryukyus. After graduating in 2014, I continued on into the doctoral program where I pursue research today.


As part of my master’s studies, I researched ligature of the umbilical cord (whether it is better for the baby to cut the umbilical cord right after birth or sometime later). After entering the doctoral program, I returned to global health, which I had been interested in when I was an undergraduate. In our department where we interact about mainly in Japanese, English and Laotian, we put our heads together, laugh and inspire each other every day. If you want to move up a step in your experiences overseas, contribute to society while not only raising your children but also broadening your own world, or tackle poverty in Okinawa, then I’m sure your ideas will take shape as you study and pursue research in this department. I’m looking forward to meeting new entrants to our department.