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Fumiko Shibuya

Country Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Nurse
Interests  School Health, Islands Health, Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)
Fieldwork Indonesia, Lombok (A research of comprehensive sexuality education)
Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and Republic of Palau (A research of school health implementation) 

Personal History

I worked at the medical emergency center at the Nihon University Itabashi Hospital as a nurse for 6 years.
I conducted school health activities as a JICA Volunteer in Burkina Faso from 2017 to 2019.
In April 2020, I entered the Department of Global Health at the University of the Ryukyu.
In March 2022, I graduated from the Department of Global Health as a master's degree.
In April 2022, I entered the Department of Global Health as a doctoral student. 


I had an interest in global health during the school health activities in Burkina Faso as a JICA volunteer.
I thought that I would learn technically about the school health of low-middle-income countries, therefore, I entered the Department of Global Health, University of the Ryukyus.
I hope to get experience through practice in the field of low-middle-income countries.