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Research on Strengthening Schools’ Capability to Rebuild in Response to Disasters in the Philippines

Research on Strengthening Schools’ Capability to Prepare, Respond and Rebuild from Disasters on Leyte Island and Other Regions of the Philippines

The Department of Global Health has begun conducting research on strengthening the capability of schools to prepare, respond to and rebuild from disasters on Leyte Island in the Philippines. The aim of this research is to analyze, from the perspective of school health, the damage that occurred from Typhoon Haiyan and the response to this disaster, which struck in November 2013, as well as to formulate a school health manual that addresses disasters. The content developed in the manual will be incorporated into school health training courses to be conducted in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian nations, and the research results will be fed back into policy and practice. The project is being implemented with the cooperation of the local counterpart Professor Gregorio of the Health Promotion and Education Department in the College of Public Health of the University of the Philippines, Professor Takahashi who is a lecturer in the School of Medicine at Yokohama City University, Professor Kodama who is a special lecturer at the Global Cooperation Institute for Sustainable Cities at Yokohama City University, and Professor Takakura who is head of the global program in the Department of Global Health.