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Master's thesis

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Reported Dengue Cases and Hot Spot Identification in Quezon City, Philippines, 2010-2017.
John Robert Carabeo MEDINA 
Implementation status and perceptions of early mother-infant contact by midwives and nurses at delivery facilities in Okinawa
辻 和歌子 
Exploring the role of school-based education to prevent bullying among high schools in Lombok Island, Indonesia-A qualitative study
登 圭紀 
Measles and Rubella vaccination coverage in Okinawa, Japan: An ecological study
石橋 江里那 
母子世帯の母親のエンパワメントと母子寡婦福祉会の役割: 沖縄県の母子寡婦福祉会の会員を対象としたケーススタディ
Empowerment of Single mother and Role of Welfare Association of Mothers with Dependents/Widows: Case study for Welfare Association of Mothers with Dependents/Widows in Okinawa Prefecture
バイティガ みどり 
ラオス ターパントン地区におけるマラリア不顕性感染者を対象とした積極的症例発見法の有効性について:スノーボール・サンプリング法の検討
Active case detection of people with asymptomatic malaria using a snowball sampling method in Thapangthong district, Lao PDR
東 雅史 

Individual and household factors associated with village malaria incidence in Xepon district, Savannakhet province, Lao PDR
Nouhak Inthavong 
学校における生理用品の交換はトイレの衛生設備状況と関連するか フィリピン国マニラ市の公立中学校の女子生徒を対象とした横断的研究
Association between the quality of public school toilets and the frequency of changing sanitary napkins among grade eight students in secondary schools in the City of Manila
勝野 智香子 
Factors affecting school re-entry among the adolescent pupils after chronic school absenteeism:A qualitative study in Mbita,along the shore of Lake Victoria,Kenya
平安山 華江
Factors that influence women’s utilization of health facilities for delivery at the villages of minorities in Lao PDR whose physical accesses to a health facility are easy:a focused ethnography
佐藤 慈
Social support and of a local Thai government hospital among Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand
​前川 由佳