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Akihiro Nishio

Degree MD& PhD, Psychiatrist, Industrial doctor, Specialist of Social medicine
Areas of interest in global health Global Mental Health, Public Mental Health, School Mental Health
Other areas of interest Hikikomori (Social withdrawal)
Favorite things Tennis

Personal History

After graduating from Ehime University School of Medicine, I joined in the psychiatry department of Gifu University and studied in France after completing my resident doctor. In France, after a year of experience as a psychiatrist at a University hospital in Marseille, I moved to the doctoral program at the Faculty of Psychoanalysis, Paris Diderot University, where I studied French psychoanalysis. After returning to Japan, while conducting general psychiatry clinical practice, I was translating books on French psychoanalysis into Japanese. However, my interest gradually shifted from individual psychotherapy to mental health, and I enrolled in the doctoral course at the Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University. That is the beginning of my current research interest. I have a lot of research projects in Southeast Asia and African countries to promote community mental health and school mental health including education for children with disabilities in Southeast Asia.
Apr.2021- Visiting Professor at Department of Global Health, University of the Ryukyus
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Quite few people are interested in mental health in many parts of the countries. Join me to this field. It’s so vast and interesting!