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Special lecture

We invite many teachers with a lot of experience for the course of
"Public Health care of Asia and the Pacific" every year.
27th June 2014
Dr. Kenzo Takayhashi  
Associate prof. Graduate School of Public Health, Teikyo University.
Dr. Mitsuya Kodama
Project Research Associate. Public health unit, Yokohama City Univercity.
Dr. Takahashi and Dr. Kodama were in charge of a lecture. Dr. Takahashi
taught about “The history of the Public Health Care and About the Global Health”. 
He showed that much wisdom existed in the history of Japanese public health to be usable in developing countries.                    
Dr. Kodama taught about “Disasters and Global Health”. In the lecture, he 
talked about the difficulty of catch a damage scale exactly in the developing country
and the difference of scale of disasters and scale of damages. It became the 
substantial lecture with many questions even after the class.