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Research on Enhancing Prevention of Nosocomial Infections

Research on enhancing the prevention of nosocomial infections at major hospitals in Laos, which was established by Department of Fundamental Nursing Professor Kakinohana, has been expanded, and joint research was begun in August 2015 between the Nursing Department of the University of Health Science and the School of Health Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of the Ryukyus. This international joint research, which will cooperate on medical examinations and nursing, is expected to produce good results. Under Graduate School Dean Fukushima, the departments of Microbiology, Fundamental Nursing, Molecular Genetics, Hemoto-immunology, Global Health and the Center of Molecular Biosciences will cooperate, bringing to bear the strength of this lateral partnership to enhance the work conducted.
Overview of Research
Okinawa, which opens geographically to the south, requires a global response to infectious diseases spreading across borders, including the invasion of pathogenic microbes from Southeast Asian countries where such diseases are prevalent. This project utilizes research results from previous joint research projects on infectious disease controls and applies the model of the Sethathirath Hospital, a major hospital in Laos, to (1) conduct feasibility assessments on establishing teams comprised of physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians and others to control nosocomial infections, and (2) analyze the bacteriological properties of nosocomial infectious causes (MRSA and other drug-resistant bacteria). The aims are to promote the establishment a network of hospitals in Laos to counter nosocomial infections, and construct an infectious disease control organization that covers the entire island region extending throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia.