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Introduction of Graduates (Master program)

Wakako Tsuji

Country Japan
Qualifications Nurse and midwife
Hobby Jogging, walking, going to the beach, and floating on the water
Visited countries Australia, New zealand, Taiwan, Tibet, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Turkey, Syria, Senegal, France, Switizerland, and United States of America
Interests Maternal and child health

Personal History

I worked as a nurse and midwife. I was also a JICA volunteer and went to Senegal. After that, I worked as a midwife again.
​In April 2018, I entered Ryukyu university as a Master course student.


I joined this department to solve my question from my experience.
I was in Senegal for two years and when I worked with my co-workers, I couldn't find out what we could do together.
Maybe my idea and their plans didn't match. Because of this, I want to know what I can do and how I can do it in these two years,
so I can apply it in the future. Here, the lessons and communication with English are tough for me, and it feels like my Senegal days for me.
If... you are interested in glabal and of course local health, I want you to join us!