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Hinako Oiwake


Chiba, Japan


Nursing, Public Health Nurse


Traveling, watching & playing basketball, taking photo, going to museum, eating, loving dogs

Visited countries

Indonesia(Bali), South Korea, Australia, Thailand, France, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Philippines, Danmark, Singapore, Tanzaia, Taiwan


Preventive medicine, palliative care for heart failure, education, self-efficacy, critical thinking, mental health, work-life balance, home and remote rural health care & welfare, support for foreign residents, disaster nursing

Other areas
of interest

Cuba, Vietnam, Georgia, Peru, Iran, Africa in general, the Netherlands


Personal history

 After graduating from the University of the Ryukyus, I'd worked in Ryukyu University for 5 years. Then I also worked in a nursing homes, our university and a nursing school (teaching only clinical training), and a visiting nursing stations.


 "Look out into the wide world. And think by yourself." It's a line from one of my favorite  movie. I think this is the origin of my curiosity. Although I don't have any work experience abroad, I became interested in international health through my encounters with foreign patients as a nurse and learning about people's lives and medical care overseas. I want to enjoy everything and do my best.


Fumiko Shibuya

Country Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
Qualifications Nurse
Hobby traveling
Visited countries BurkinaFaso, Morocco, Marshall Islands,Thailand, Korea etc.
Interests School health, Sexuality education, Adolescent health, health policy 

Personal History

After graduating from the Nihon University Nursing School, I worked at the medical emergency center in the Nihon University Itabashi Hospital for 6 years.
I did school health activities as a JICA Volunteer in BurkinaFaso.
After that, I worked at the Gastrointestinal Surgery and the Gastroenterology ward in the Sado general hospital.
In April 2020, I entered the Deparment of Global Health in the University of the Ryukyu as a Master course student.


I had the issue of my activities and the interest of the Global health during my school health activities in BurkinaFaso.
I thought that I want to learn technical about the school health of the developing countries, so I entered this class.
I hope to get experience through practice in the field of the developing countries.


Yuko Noguchi

Country Japan
Qualifications Occupational Therapist
Hobby traveling, walking
Visited countries Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines,
Sri Lanka,Singapore,Kenya,South Korea
Interests global health ,disability ,welfare ,school health

Personal History

I worked as a occupational therapist. I worked as a JICA volunteer in Thailand. After that, I worked at welfare center and national hospital. 
In April 2019, I entered Ryukyu university as a Master course student.


When I graduated from university, I wanted to go on to graduate school. After I came back from Thailand, I returned to work. However, my interest in going to graduate school became stronger. So I came to Okinawa to study full-time. I would like to study global health and research methods in this department and become a glocal person who can bridge health, welfare, and meddication.


Maolidi Halieli

Country China
Qualifications Register Nurse
Hobby Jogging exercise ,Learning language
Visited countries Japan
Interests Woman`s inequality education health, Maternal and child health, Poverty care for ethnic minorities in developing regions, School health, Minority healthand Global health

Personal History

I studied nursing and clinical medicine in China.
I graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine at the university.
A year before I graduated from university, I spent my summer and winter holidays learning Japanese.
And I prepared for studying abroad in Japan.
As soon as I graduate from university, I began studying abroad in Japan.
In the future, I would like to participate in more activities related to global health.


I am a beginner as a researcher.
step by step.